Best trumpet instructional books on Cd sheet music descants

Best trumpet Method books on Cd, sheet music, descants

We have many of the most respected trumpet method books for sale, each one bundled with a virtuoso trumpet cd recording by Clyde E. Hunt.

Additionally, look for Hunt's descants for the world's great hymns, classical and jazz trumpet Cd's, and information on "how to play trumpet" to be of great value. Our vocal music and masses, chorale preludes for trumpet and organ, wedding music for trumpet and organ, music for trumpet and piano, trumpet ensemble sheet music, big band Jazz sheet music, and three horn jazz sheet music are of the highest quality. We have printed music for classical and jazz trumpet players at all performance levels - beginner through professional. We also offer free mp3's of many of Hunt's live trumpet performances, both classical and jazz, spanning sixty five (65) years of professional performance and teaching!

Recently, we have decided to upgraded our CD-Rs to the Taiyo Yuden brand - Which we consider to be the best, most reliable available!

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Clyde E. Hunt
Clyde Hunt playing trumpet from our best trumpet method books on cd, jazz cd's, sheet music

Author of
SAIL THE SEVEN C'S - Trumpet book and Cd
An Easier Way To Play The Trumpet

"Hi Clyde,
Your tape (now Cd's) and presentation are wonderful. I was 'concerned' that a less than adequate player might be trying to get through all that material in one lifetime. But you make it work!!
Congratulations again on such a terrific and helpful adventure. I know you've put a great deal of time and effort into it." Bill Bing, Los Angeles (William Bing is the author of "The Bing Book")

While a freshman at Kent State University, the 18-year-old won the (extra - 4th) trumpet seat in the Akron Symphony Orchestra, Akron, Ohio. He then won the second trumpet position under Louis Lane c. 1961, and was a member of the Akron Symphony Brass Quintet, the Akron Civic Orchestra, and the Akron Goodyear Theater - positions he held until 1967, when he moved to the Washington D.C. area.

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